7 Benefits of Getting Kids into Rugby

There are a multitude of benefits from team sports; confidence, friendship, leadership, respect – the list goes on. What makes rugby unique is that there is room for everyone!

Here are our top 7 benefits of getting kids into rugby at an early age:

1. Improved self confidence
Rugby is a character building sport. It encourages courage, strength, value and respect which all play a part in boosting a child’s self-confidence.

2. Enhanced social life
Playing a team sport such as rugby provides interaction and inclusion, which in turn allows you to forge friendships that often carry on away from the field. We see this happen often in our classes, with children meeting up with their new friends outside of Rugbytots!

3. Improved cardiovascular fitness
Just like on the rugby field, the constant running and playing in our classes provides an excellent cardio workout for the children (and the grown ups!) as it helps achieve an increased heart rate through interval periods. This helps build a strong heart and lungs, allowing the whole body to work more efficiently.

4. Improved flexibility
Good agility is vital when playing rugby. Both hands and feet are required to change direction and pace very suddenly throughout a game. Our games that involve consistent turning and abrupt dodging help to improve this skill and therefore, help their flexibility.

5. No barriers to entry
Everybody can play rugby – every shape and size, tall or short, fast or slow. There are no barriers!

6. Builds discipline
Playing rugby requires structure and discipline. In a similar way, Rugbytots follows a structured play programme that not only helps children develop their rugby skills, but introduces them to routine and structure around sport and play.

7. It’s fun!
Enough said.

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This entry was posted on 30th June 2022.